Lazy Sundays

Sundays are quite possibly the best day of the week. Sure, Friday night parties and Saturday night concerts are hard to beat, but Sundays…

DSC05832This is the day you get to sleep in, so take advantage of it! Sundays are all about taking your time. When you slowly work your way out of bed, stretch a little, make some tea, whip up an omelet and toast. Before you get started with your day, but after you’ve filled your tummy, slip an interesting book off your shelf and dive in.

Mornings are the best time to read novels; you haven’t strained your eyes with numerous emails or cluttered your mind with Facebook posts. Don’t check the clock; you shouldn’t feel rushed. Enjoy this time to forget about yourself and learn from some amazing authors.


If you’re looking for a good read, I suggest Northanger Abbey by Jane Austen. It’s easy on the mind and, of course, a good laugh here and there. If you prefer something more hardy, try out The Book of Art by A.E. & Sir Martin Conway. I am actually not quite finished with this book, but I am loving every minute of it. It gives you a lot to mull over.




As you know, staying fit is so important to me. Not only is it great for you, but it is such a stress reliever! Whenever I’m feeling frustrated about something, I first turn to exercising.


There are so many different ways to exercise out there. If you wouldn’t particularly call yourself athletic, maybe try some Pilates! It’s great for building muscle and increasing flexibility. If you want something to hype you up and have a little more cardio involved, download the Nike Training app! You can choose from beginner to advanced levels. There are four categories to choose from- get lean, get toned, get strong, or get focused. It’s great if you just have time to squeeze in a workout.

I have a workout schedule set for myself. I can changed it based on how I’m feeling (I have a few injuries from dance). Most of the cardio I do is dancing and running. Running is my go to for a quick warm-up. I do a lot of abs and lower body. But it is just as important to include upper body in your workouts- don’t ignore it!

Unfortunately, you can’t call yourself a well-rounded healthy person just because you workout. Being fit also counts in the kitchen. My family eats whole, organic foods. My dad and I like to drink green smoothies- they are filled with veggies…yum! Fuel your body with good carbs, not empty carbs! Empty carbs would mean fast food. Sorry guys, I can’t support you eating that Big Mac. You will definitely feel a difference if you start eating differently.

I could go on forever about smoothies and protein powders, but I’ll save those for another time…



Art has a very different meaning for everyone. For some it translates to dancing, for others it’s simply creating something with your hands. To me, art means making something inspired…something you’ve felt inside of you, and you are proud to show it. Whether that inspired creation is a song, a sculpture, or a book, that piece is a little chip of yourself, waiting to be judged by the world. That can be frightening. Will they accept it? Will they hate it? To be honest, it does’t really matter if your art form is on display. Maybe you prefer it to be, but maybe you make it just for yourself to enjoy.



Creating can take a toll on your mind. You are reaching so deep inside yourself, looking for something to bring out and highlight. There is a chance that something doesn’t even exist inside you. It might just be a flicker of an idea, a flicker that you nurture into a flame.

This is not to say that creating is unhealthy. It is possibly one of the healthiest things for you! It can be a relaxing time for you. For someone else it might be more stressful. But I can promise you, it will always be worth your time. Standing back and surveying this thing you just made, wondering in what part of your mind this was hiding. This is such a rewarding feeling.

Take some time today to create something, even just a doodle!


It’s well into the winter season, which means the air is dry, and your skin isn’t too happy. So why go spend your money on fancy beauty products when you can cook up your own concoctions in the comfort of your home? It’s time efficient and way cheaper. Here’s an easy way to keep your skin happy and healthy. Read More

What does it mean?

When it comes to simplifying your life, it can be difficult. But before we get to talking about the troubles, let’s chat about what this means. To simplify your life means to cut out all the nonsense- the stress, the rushing, the worrying. Don’t get me wrong, I can’t give you an escape route from your upcoming tests or pesky co-workers. There is no avoiding that. But there is a way to lower your stress over these things. The first step is not to worry! The test will only last a certain amount of time in one day. One day. Twenty-four hours. However you want to put it, make the most of your day! Don’t give way to unnecessary stressors. When you worry, your body automatically tenses up, increasing your stress level. This stress can not only impact the part of your life you are worrying about, but everywhere else as well. When you find yourself rushing out the door at 7 am while spilling your coffee, instead of getting flustered take a deep breath. Slow down. Becoming frustrated will only cause more of a rush. Try adding in a yoga practice to your schedule. Workout, run, whatever you prefer. Leave time for you.

The other half of simplifying your life is the foods you eat. Don’t spend hours worrying and counting the calories. Try to home cook your meals, it is much better for your body than takeout. Home cooked meals are so fulfilling, even if you happen to burn the pasta (trust me, it’s happened). Turn on some jazzy tunes and invite your friends over to cook with. Spend more time with your family- they can be a remedy themselves! There’s nothing like a good laugh with people you’re completely comfortable with.

The bottom line is, don’t make things harder than they really are. So go ahead, try that downward dog and test some recipes!